Bronze Package

Get Accounting Support if you are an Adviser, whether in the legal, financial, health care, or personal services sectors of the economy. Click Here to View Pricing.

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, hair stylists, wedding planners, auto mechanics, florists, and many other skilled workers that specialize in a trade can ensure their books are balanced with Still Accounting & Advisory. Click Here to View Pricing.

Many individuals who work in the arts and crafts industry can get support for their Accounting needs while getting guidance with Advisory services as well! Click Here to View Pricing.

Individuals considered self-employed, regardless of the line of work — whether the job entails running a website, babysitting, counseling, providing a catering service or mowing grass — all work as independent contractor jobs need to ensure their books are balanced. Click Here to View Pricing.

While fitness trends come and go, the need for educated trainers and instructors stays constant. It is important that instructors ensure their Accounting is kept up to par and Still Accounting’s Bronze package is exactly what is needed for an instructor. By having an experienced accountant by your side, one can always navigate their books with a more calculated approach while getting professional advice on demand as needed! Click Here to View Pricing.

Gold Package

Cleaning services offer essential opportunities to both residential and commercial properties, helping to organize tasks that people do not like or have time to do. An accountant can help a business like this strategize better so that your cost can remain low while your margins can be profitable. Click Here to View Pricing.

Storage facilities are essential everywhere and can be quite coveted in larger cities, like Toronto, Mississauga or Oakville. It is important for a Warehousing company to keep their accounting books organized and that is where a diligent accountant can come in handy. Click Here to View Pricing.

Often seen as the new frontier in food service, food trucks are making a mark in virtually every major metro area. Restaurants alike now are seen in every area but it is a competitive Industry to be in. To ensure that you scale your restaurant accordingly, an Accountant is essential who can provide around the clock advice and be there for you when you need it most. Click Here to View Pricing

From golf courses to residential homes, landscapers play a vital role in beautifying properties of all shapes and sizes. It is extremely important for individuals or companies working in this industry to have a trusted accountant by their side. Click Here to View Pricing

Educators provide a universal need, offering necessary skills and resources for children and adults alike. Just like Schools provide a necessary service, accountants are required in the same capacity so that they can advise and audit accordingly. Click Here to View Pricing

There’s no bad time for a party, making the party services industry a great opportunity for those seeking stability and profitability. The biggest challenge in this industry is ensuring you have capital to buy the assets which are needed and keeping your inventory updated. By having a trusted accountant by your side, this ensures that your assets value will not depreciate till it doesn’t carry any value. Click Here to View Pricing

Starting and operating a small business can be challenging as you have to wear multiple hats, but Still Accounting can wear one too. Having a professional CPA by your side can help boost your company’s growth and give you time to focus on for your business’s growth. Contact Still Accounting today and ask about our Advisory Consulting services for Small Businesses today! Click Here to View Pricing

Platinum Package

The legal industry is indispensable across a multitude of personal and professional areas, providing support for individuals and businesses alike. It is essential for Law Firms to have an Accountant with real world experience guiding decision making and providing advisory support as needed. Click Here to View Pricing

Dental health is an important part of maintaining overall wellness, with preventative appointments recommended twice a year for the average Canadian. While not everyone sticks to this schedule, dental services are needed in every area, serving both adults and children. It is essential for Dentists to utilize an experienced accountant to ensure their practice is compliant while receiving advisory support as needed. Click Here to View Pricing

Doctors serve a necessary purpose in all areas of society, creating a way for individuals to address both major and minor health complaints. It is extremely important for Doctors to have a trusted accountant by their side advising them how to make processes efficient in the clinic or how to invest their money accordingly. Click Here to View Pricing

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